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    Alpha PestControl - Full Void in no time at all!

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  2. Oh mah gawdd
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  4. just went to test it the script bot gets into the boat and the moment the game starts it crashes
  5. Guhh. I'm familiar with the error you got. It's because the latest version hasn't been pushed to the SVN. It ought to be fixed when one of the admins approves it.
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    Should all be working now.
  6. @Eagles13 it works now :) but sometimes it just stops at the gate and clicks it and does nothing the whole game so i get no points
  7. That's really weird. Can you start the script bot with the alt-key pressed (when you click the start button), and send me a screenshot of the client when the bug occurs? I've run it for a couple of hours locally, and that hasn't happened thus far.

    With the alt key down, all the script bot variables should be drawn to the screen.

    Also, when the bug occurs, does the client draw a red indicator on the minimap of the currently active area or not?
  8. @Eagles13 i just flipped to legacy and it hasn't occurred now working good so far
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    can u add points gained and points per hour to paint?
  9. Just to let you know, I don't test any of my scripts bots in legacy. Points gained & per hour are already implemented, just not yet pushed. They should come through in the next day or two, along with a new tabbed paint.
  10. @Eagles13 well the script bot works better for me in legacy than eoc also could u implement camera rotation when the game ends and the screen is trying to enter the boat and theres like 30 people it tends to right click and click on people
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    @Eagles13 just noticed the bug again it runs from gate to gate and opens them when this happens theres no red circle on the minimap as their usually is
  11. Yeah, I've noticed the lander thing. I'll take a look into that.

    With regard to the bug, I'm reasonably sure I know what the issue is, I'm just not entirely sure how to fix it.
  12. used it to get 180 points but ima stop for now the gate thing is happening often and its my main so I'm worried lol great script bot tho other than those 2 minor bugs
  13. Yea there is a bit of a bug when opening gates. It'll open it up but then it'll just stop there. Noticed this on the first run. Will keep watching for other bugs. Also when crossing the gankplank, it'll click once, but won't actually cross. Maybe make it click a few more times?
  14. When it clicks & doesn't cross, that's because there's a dialog up which needs to be dismissed. It will cross eventually. When it opens the gate and then stops, does the red target area get drawn to the minimap or not? If it is not drawn, this is the bug that was mentioned earlier.
  15. Yea it'll evantually cross, but it just seems kind of suspicious. Maybe make it close the dialogue box first then click the gangplank? All you have to do is press spacebar.
  16. Does the red target area get drawn or not?
  17. GameObject plank = #newQuary().filter(id).name(name).action("cross").reachable#results#nearest

    Intead of #interact add the name and action to the build up and #click that way it wont open menu
  18. Something else that I've noticed while using this script bot is that when it's done with a portal and trying to move onto the next one, if the next portal that it's trying to reach dies while you're on the way, it'll continue to the dead portal. Then once it reachers the red area, it'll start trying to move onto the next portal with the shield down. It doesn't really affect performance but it's just kind of suspicious.
  19. Already done.
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