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  1. Eagles13 submitted a new resource:

    Alpha Powerminer - Gets you rock hard. I mean hard rocks, rather.

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  2. Looking good so far. Could you possibly add support for Granite? I have an enchanted water tiara so I can stay in the desert pretty much forever.
  3. I currently have a granite mining script bot in the works. It will have support for whatever you want to wear (it won't touch worn items), as well as either dropping ores or banking and using waterskins in conjunction with Sign of the Porter (III-IV) in order to make up to 1.2M/hr by mining granite!
  4. Eagles13 updated JPowerminer with a new update entry:

    Initial Release!

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  5. I keep getting "script bot stopped: Options window closed before script bot start."
    I'm trying to mine copper at the lumby mine. My actionbar is unlocked
  6. Eagles13 updated JPowerminer with a new update entry:

    Added Gem support

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  7. script bot tries to add the ore to the actionbar before you've mined any and therefore fails and stops. When you do have ores it can add, if you have the inventory closed it seems quite buggy at opening the inventory. At one point it hovered the backpack icon and dragged, followed by alternating between hovering the first action slot and the backpack icon. It finally fixed itself and dragged it to the ab. @Eagles13
  8. A problem I've noticed with your scripts bots that is script bot-breaking: It will try to click on the object, but it will miss the object by a few pixels and walk away, also are you doing checks to see if the object you are clicking on is the right one?
  9. Yes, I am. It's happening because of the fact that models are down and the backup models are only like 99.5% effective. I'm reasonably sure there's nothing that can be done until it's fixed by @Cloud.
  10. Yes, unfortunately the code for adding to the actionbar is quite buggy. I will work on a fix. I'll also immediately add extra checks to make sure that ore is in the inventory before the script bot attempts to add the drop action to the actionbar. The event shouldn't fire anyhow, but I'll add some extra checks.
  11. Contact Red, his divination script bot has had no trouble interacting with the rift while models have been down.
  12. While it does make it a little more difficult there are enough methods to receive feedback to be more accurate without models.
  13. After running for about an hour I got stuck clicking right beside an iron ore rock. I understand you updated the code but I think it needs to be changed again.
  14. Eagles13 updated JPowerminer with a new update entry:

    JPowerminer v0.1.2 Released!

    This update fixes the bug whereby the script bot would sometimes inaccurately click the rock over and over. It does this by checking whether the player is mining after the click has occured, and re positioning the mouse if mining has not started.
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  15. you script bot works really well just one improvement and i hope u do it soon, if u can make it click faster cause its a bit slow and other people reach the rock faster, also if u can somehow make it detect if someone has already mined the ore so it can click on the other available ore, cause sometimes me and another user click on the ore at the same time they get it and my character is still mining the rock without any ores and the script bot doesn't realise that :p
  16. [​IMG] heres a proggy for u :)
  17. It clicks on the ore it's mining again while your character stops animating for a very brief period. It's possible Jagex could be looking for patterns like these, so maybe adding a short delay before checking for the animation while mining, or something like this.
  18. I'll look into this after the release of JSorcGarden which ought to be today.
  19. Hey if you wanna expand the functionality of this script bot, I'd love to see Seren Stones added!
    These stones are minable from lvl 89 in Elf City and they only give stackable ore, being corrupted ore. So your inventory never fills up.
    Here's a short vid:

    These rocks make powermining possible as you don't even have to drop the ore you get from them! It's a very afk method so it wouldn't really be hard to implement. I would write it myself if I wasn't busy doing exams :p
    Thanks for reading :)
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