Alpha Rock Crabs [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by SlashnHax, Jul 24, 2015.

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  1. Banks at Seers Village

    Start with food.

    Fights Rock crabs to the east of Relekka, near the Keldagrim entrance.
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  2. Nice release for the newer accs :D xp/h? :)
  3. Banking? Lets see some info on it!
  4. Getting roughly 50k/hr with 50 range xD
    Banks at seers, haven't been able to test it as I haven't had to bank with it XD
  5. Thats pretty cool :D now i just need a bond for my bot account :'( anyone?
  6. Im having major issues. It likes to run completely run out of the rock crab area and loves to spam the mouse everywhere to the point when it attempts to activate a rock crab it misses and runs into random locations
  7. Mine often works for about 10 minutes, then gets stuck between resetting aggro and attacking a crab.
  8. shes facked.
  9. OSRS or RS3?
    Thank you for that insightful and useful information /s
  10. OSRS it does both what i said and espert
  11. just joking lol but yeah after about 10 mins it goes all wonky clicking everywhere.... this is in 07 scape
  12. Your bot is broken, you cannot pause or stop the bot once the bot is started. Also when it walks to the rock crabs it clicks all over the place instead of just clicking on the path, it looks very botlike.
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    Obviously this could be do to the client being broken.
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    The bot also keeps running away from the rock crab area and then back repeatedly. I think this bot has a lot of potential and Im excited for it but this needs some work mate.
  13. It never fights the crabs? It just tries to reset aggro even though it already has it?
    It worked fine on RS3, I just assumed it'd be exactly the same on OSRS xD I'll remove the OSRS tag until I can fix the bugs and confirm it's working fine.
  14. Yeah I've been getting similar results. It'll just aimlessly run around (Even if I've guided towards the crabs).
  15. Just to clarify, the rock crabs before being disturbed are called "Rocks" and when they're disturbed they're called "Rock Crab"?
  16. Yes. I started mine in near the docks and it wandered for about 5 minutes before returning to a spot that's close the actually crabs.
  17. Ooooh, maybe the crab area is different... hmm
  18. Yeah there are different spots but the main area where people farm there is the docks in Rellekka and Waterbirth island.
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