Alpha Runecrafting [Deleted]

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  2. To be added: Runespan, P2p altars
  3. bro if need a account to add nature altar/astral altar/ repair rune pouch etc. pm me to lend my maxed account ^^.

  4. Thanks, I plan to just keep this without any of the high profit runes for now though :p
  5. alright fair enough ^^
  6. Unless I implement them but only implement walking.
  7. would you add nats?
  8. Most probably, but without teleport support for now.
  9. I must say, I truly love your bots.
    I'll take a look at this later, when I go back to school.
  10. Hello. Air altar is currently broken. Try running it for 10 mins.
  11. Can this do mud runes for good profit?
  12. Currently only supports f2p runes
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    Air altar is working fine for me :/ More detail would be appreciated.
  13. missed the thread, Sry :$
  14. What do you mean? haha
  15. I was trying to mention some error I got when using celestial runespan and posted it here by mistake, then I edited the reply cuz I'm unable to delete it :D
  16. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  17. Hi, I was wondering if you'll add Cosmic rune soon ?

    Thanks! :)
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