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    Alpha Smither - It has a name! It's called Gendry!

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    Bug Fixes, New Paint & New Location

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  3. adamantite bar not working
  4. Doesn't appear to support bronze bars, I think you need to put in tin and copper ore as the ingredient.
  5. Just realized that I was telling it to try to withdraw Bronze ore rather than copper ore. I'll update this now; it ought to work whenever it gets pushed.
  6. could you make this work in 07 please?
  7. My bots don't work with 07 and I have no plans whatsoever to implement functionality in 07. I don't play 07. Sorry.

    The only situations in which this might happen are:
    -The script bot becomes premium and I receive an overwhelming number of requests to make it work in 07. (very unlikely)
    -I start playing 07 (unlikely)
    -I team up with another dev who is passionate about making scripts bots work in 07 (also unlikely).
  8. also even though i have presets selected its not using them
  9. If the smithing interface is not visible, the script bot may keep clicking on the anvil. Please make sure your prefererences are updated so that this interface appears when you're smithing:

    I'll get right on the bank presets issue.

    Edit: pushed an update which fixes bank presets.
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  10. ima check it out now to see the interference thing also check ur gilded altar thread please :p
  11. it works now :)
  12. Could you please add spey for Canon balls @Eagles13
  13. I'll do this after the release of JBlueDragons
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  14. It spam clicks the anvil even though it can suffice with just 1, and make the bars into items. I'm using an alternative smithing animation, if this might be the problem. @Eagles13
  15. Cool script bot, got me to 70 smithing, thanks :).
  16. I can't reproduce this, unfortunately.

    Edit: according to some other devs, this may have been a very temporary client issue.
    Edit 2: @Dellgenius Cannonball support has just been pushed. Should be live within the next 12 hours or so. Cannonballs can be found under the "Bars (furnace)" option.
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