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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Eagles13, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. Eagles13 submitted a new resource:

    Alpha SorcGarden - Dodge your way to profits!

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  2. Looks pretty cool, how much money/xp an hour can you get now in rs3?
  3. It can make 300-400k/h at the moment in herbs, but if I optimize it more, which I will, I'd anticipate that number going up to 400-500k/hr. That is ofcourse with current prices.
  4. Thats pretty sweet for only 65 thieving
  5. Thinking of taking this down until I have time to make it more reliable in its traversal of the garden.
  6. If it's not reliable in its current state and if that affects detection rate then it's probably worth taking it down for now. Seems like it'll be an awesome script bot though.
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  7. Had it running for 10 minutes not one lap completed, and kept stading still in the right side of the garden. i am really looking forward to an awesome working version :)! :)
  8. It's not detecting the gate. I've raised some issues about object detection with @Cloud.
  9. ok friend, after restarting it 4 times, it did work for like a few laps :) but yeah :) Gl on this one mate!
  10. @Eagles13 please fix this spent 3 hours getting 65 thieving legit!!!
  11. Update should be coming within the next few days. I can't promise amazing success rates - this is still a work in progress.
  12. Thanks so much! I can give you an account to fix this and pestcontrol if you would like?
  13. Eagles13 updated JSorcGarden with a new update entry:

    JSorcGarden v0.2.0 Released!

    -JavaFX UI Added
    -Large portions of the paint fixed.
    -Complete logical rework of garden running and Sq'irk picking.
    -script bot should be FAR more efficient now and on par with other SorcGarden scripts bots.
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  14. Eagles13 updated JSorcGarden with a new update entry:

    JSorcGarden v0.2.0b Released!

    -Adds theiving XP/hr and proffit/hr to UI
    -Rework of areas in the garden to improve success:failure ratio still further.
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  15. its a good script bot, but it always seems to misclick the herbs on every lap :L
  16. Look at the jbots information topic for bot change logs.
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  17. Thanks appreciate it.
  18. I tried the bot with all of your recommended settings... When it managed to open the gate, it would stay in place would have the cursor on the next spot to go to but never click

    how do i fix this?
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