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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Eagles13, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Eagles13 submitted a new resource:

    Alpha Superheater - Too hot to handle!

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  2. Hey mate, the script bot isn't working for me.
    When I start it, it will just click on Superheat, but after that it will do nothing (It is meant to click on the ore afterwards)
    Any chances for you could take a look at it? :)
  3. Is it still not working for you? It works absolutely fine for me.
  4. not working for me neither, go in bank take out adamant, cast superheat then nothing
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  6. script bot is working good for me making gold bars but it always hesitates before taking out ore. And the movements are decently bot like.
  7. If you're talking about mouse movements - they're ceded from the mouse movements of real end users.
  8. Eagles13 updated JSuperheater with a new update entry:

    JSuperheater v0.1.2b Released!

    -Complete script bot re-write.
    -Make sure you have everything in your inventory before you start the script bot
    -Ought to be more stable
    -JavaFX UI
    -Updated paint.
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  9. Just like the fletching script bot, I get a big window and nothing else, no GUI or anything I'm afraid. :/
  10. This ought to be fixed (in both bots) within 24 hours. My apologies.
  11. Looking forward to it, I banked myself 99 smith and cant wait till its working! :)
  12. idk if it's me but it only runs for 2 hours. Tried it at edgeville bank and al kharid chest.
  13. If you want a fix, you're going to have to provide me with more information. Console output, error messages, etc.
  14. Sorry but somehow my logs are gone. All i can say for now is that the paint was frozen until i logged in manually.
  15. Hello, I am new on this forum i used some bots of this forum and they work great. Anyway when i try to use your superheater it keeps minimising my action bar. So is this a bug or did i setup my screen wrong ?
  16. So as the above user said it keep minimazing and maximizing the action bar. Any fix coming?
  17. It's a broken hook afaik, you'll have to wait for @Cloud to fix it I think
  18. Thanks for the reply. Thought he had already fixed because some scripts bots work now.
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