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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Phingers, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Just as the title says Im already banned... I botted wc last night for like....3 hours and i was at my computer the WHOLE time, most of the time i was actually talking to people too.... Good thing i tested on a crappy account but geez.... 3 hour babysit botting and im already banned
  2. Im sure osrs has a secret handshake with the rs website client that botting clients are unaware of
  3. Did you use any other bots on that account, if you did its a more than likely scenario that they traced any past bots you used to now. And banned you because you were still botting.
  4. Yea or a delayed ban as rsgplz says
  5. Nope actually just recently started back up on said account. I did a quest pre-botting then started botting
    Edit: Also was messing around on this account for roughly 2 days before botting
  6. Well i have to say that if you were babysitting. that would not happen. Soooo you are either ip banned / traced or that bot was previously botted on but as you said you didnt bot on this one. did you bot on other accs?
  7. Pretty unlikely if not impossible that you get banned after the very first 3 hours of botting on an account.
  8. Thats why I am confused since i babysitted, i was just sitting there watching netflix and chatting. And im playing from my college apartment now so they couldnt trace my ip back to any previous infractions with other accounts, and the account has never botted before. But yes i have botted on other accs before but not at the current ip.

    Edit: @Shinji yeah i know ive played RS for like 7/8 years and botted prob about 5 of it, and a response this fast i havent even heard of....
    Edit2: For more information I botted 39 wc to 50 wc at Dray willows. Yes a popular ban place...but again i was babysitting...
  9. If you were babysitting, did you see any mods around ? Or did anyone catch on to your acc botting ? You couldve gotten reported several times.
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  10. @rsgpplz never saw any mods and the people there that i was talking to were pretty chill, and if i knew i wasnt going to respond for 5-10 mins to anything they said i would make up a pretty good excuse such as "Sorry was pming a friend....etc", so I dont believe they suspected me. I also paused the bot prob 5-10 times during the 3 hours to trade/ sell willows to people there.
  11. As rsgppls said. you may have forgotten about bot for 10min, went for food, toilet etc... but they saw you are not answering, told others, and reported you... + it was a popular ban place so thats even worse haah
  12. Hm why would someone report you if you chat all the time
  13. He Said it"The account has never botted" new account = watched = scenario
  14. Yeah but the excuses i came up with for not answering seemed pretty good to me..... talking to a friend..... talking in friends chat... etc
  15. wasnt a new lvl 3 acc tho, I made the acc when osrs came back.... had a total of like 500 something non botted

  16. I think every person who bots has used them, the best is to say "aww sorry AFK was watching youtube or netflix etc
  17. Mehh anyways no point us racking our brains in here, the account is gone, we call all speculate but we will never fully know the reasons to bans or how we are caught.
  18. because runescape is full of trolls. All it takes is for your character to misclick, and do something like cage lobsters when its already supposed to be harpooning sharks. Add that with cagey movements, etc, and you have some suspision that this guy might be a bot. Especially if hes saying hes 'talking to friends' every 10 mins or so lolol. Its possible.
  19. Agreed, i guess ill just try to bot less popular next time even when baby sitting.... I was watching netflix but i figured they would def think im botting if i can cut/bank willows and watch something at same time.
  20. lol are you referring to something? xD

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