OSRS am i done for ?

Discussion in 'General' started by unexist, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. so i was just botting some fletching at pc bank at pc and the bot ran outside and tried to open bank but couldent get there so it tried to open it for like 30 mins - 45 mins will i get banned?

    its a 1100+total lvl no goldfarming
  2. Uhmm.. I'm preeeetty sure the bot just bugged, don't think you're getting banned really.
  3. i hope so
  4. Your not banned until you're banned, don't worry about it until it happens. Make sure the bot doesn't do that again for an extended periods of time tho..
  5. Depends if anyone reported you and if so, Jagex will probably investigate into the matter, but I wouldn't worry for now.
  6. not banned at the moment but i aint gonna bot at pc ever again

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