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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Eidasythe, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Hi there,

    a few months ago (I think it was November), during the bot-busting, I got 10-ish accounts perm banned - including my mules (which never happened before to me). This got me thinking they had to manually flag my IP.

    When I try to run a fresh accounts with RuneMate, it gets perm banned almost immediately after logging in for the first time (only happens with RuneMate, not with the RS client). Same thing happens when I change my IP with VPN. However, when I run the RuneMate client within a VM, instant ban doesn't happen. Even without changing my IP.

    Did this ever happen to anyone here? Do you think my MAC address or HWID is flagged? Are there any ways to hide/cover these?

  2. This may be the runemate client itself, i've heard numerous people say they get insta banned when logging in with the runemate client, however this is only on rs3, this has happened to me as well, though my accounts if i play on them through the official client remain untouched. If your playing rs3 this could be the reason, if not then you should look into possibly a proxy. Hope this helps!
  3. Just use proxy. No need to go through the trouble of spoofing MAC address etc..

    Spectre is coming soon(tm); I'd just wait for that instead tbh.
  4. As I said, the same thing happens when using proxy. Spectre? What do you mean?
  5. Just last night I created an acct with runemate client skipped tut and started botting. Been running strong for over 12 hrs now. So I do not believe that it's the client.
  6. It doesn't happen to me on other PCs either. Thats what led me to start this thread as I'm clueless at this point
    I see! Thanks!
  7. soo , i dont know if you know that , but the mains bans comes from the cache , if you use a proxy and a different user (user i say its on your computer , just create another user) soo you have different cache, you probably will be safe

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