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  1. Query API
    The Query API is my interpretation of a proper query system. You have a Inquirer which queries a Database. A SelfInquirer is an Inquirer with it's own Database to query. Inquirer, grabs the List type from the Database upon querying. To support method chaining, I introduced Results, a subclass of List, that a Database can utilize.


    I have provided you guys with the Runemate implementation of my Query system.

    You can use the static Inquirer classes, Npcs/GameObjects/GroundItems/etc.. or the Entites class with is a complete Database container with getters for all the individual Database.

    I'm working on fully documenting the Runemate implementation, but it should be done within a day or so.


    If you'd like to see anything appended onto this tutorial, feel free to comment. Thanks guys.

    Ian C.​
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  2. I have no idea what this means.... but I like it ;) Good work? xD :D
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