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Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by IamN5, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Well, Spectre is coming and I wanna know some profitable methods that you use in DarkScape.
    Me: currently mining clay, the bot says 80k/h but it does 50% of it.
    Drinking wine jugs and filling it with water seems profitable too.
  2. herbs fleshcrawlers are decent, better than druids because druids is overwhelmed with bots atm.
  3. What're your stats?
  4. I recently bought a level 116 and 127 and a couple scripts bots and one of them makes about 500k+ /hour depending on equipment/stats.
  5. Doing what Tobli? My accounts were banned, do you know some instant setup methods? I'm making like 40k/h
  6. Private bot :p
    And no i don't best one i saw was probably mining bot or clay.
    And the one im using is not instant setup
  7. But what task it does?
  8. Erh secret :p
  9. Runecrafting at 90+ will make 3mil+ an hour.
  10. Picking flax get's me about 180k an hour
  11. LOL, but the Flax is so cheap
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    Fire Runes?
  12. I can make ~4m/hr crafting mud runes but this is largely to do with having access to an Abyssal Titan and full Infinity Ethereal
  13. How you do it?

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