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  1. Hey,

    I have an animation i created in Adobe After Effects. can anyone please tell me how can i use the rendered videos on my website (has transparent background) which is an app.

    I tried to do the job using GIF but the quality is too low. I thought Adobe After effects is used for creating UI animations too.

    I tried to search on internet but can't find aynthing. It is literaly driving me crazy.

    Thank you.
  2. Render is as pngs and compile them lossless into gif.
  3. png sequence of pngs?
  4. Yep, personally Idk after effects. I always used C4d where I'd render as MKV and convert to gif. This conversion was lossless what results in no quality loss but big file size. I'll Google the program I used and let you know.
  5. Thank you. File size is not really a problem as it will be an app
  6. cant :(
  7. Couldn't find the one I was using :( sorry

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