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  1. OSRS!

    how many bots is everyone running? i pay for 4 instances, but can only use my 2 free ones. this has been since i became a supporter a few weeks ago. i open a 2nd bot on same comp doesn't work and freezes my rm, clients. can someone help me because i'm starting to get really frustrated. idk if its the client anymore or celestial fisher its self, but someone please help me
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    @Cloud @Aidden @Arbiter

    Please can one of you help me
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    if this relates to my cpu, being the issue, is a update/project to deduce runemates demand on the comp to make run smoother
  2. The next release uses less memory per bot instance but a lot of it is caused by the bot author.
  3. This is a tricky one to investigate since it fixes itself in 15 minutes. If you could get on Slack and hit me up the moment it happens, I can try to resolve it.
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    When it shows you the error of "not enough instances" how many instances does it say there? 2 or 4?
  4. no @Arbiter that not the issue. i can open up 4 instances, its my computer cant handle it. it'll start making the ones that are open not function properly. the issue is the amount of cpu usage i think, my comp can handle two instances on this comp but im limited to one because of the cpu. is there a fix in the near future to help this out... secondly, idk if its just celesital fisher or the client. its just really annoying...
  5. Ahh I misunderstood. I should really slow down when reading lol.
  6. haha happens to all of us, but... do you have any soloutions to my issues? @Arbiter
  7. Buy a better PC ^.^
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  8. Its not the pc... Pc has a ssd already. Runs faster then my mac book
  9. Your SSD has literally nothing to do with it. Monitor your CPU/Memory usage as you load up each client.
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  10. If anything, we would need to know your CPU & RAM to diagnose if it is hardware related.
  11. when i have two bots running on same comp @ 99% cpu
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    like does this leave me with no option except run another machine?
  12. What CPU do you have?
  13. @Savior took a pic... please respond back :)

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  14. Lol I'm not surprised you can't handle it.
  15. It's a miracle your pc can even run those 2 instances lol.
  16. It doesn't run 2, i run two because i have a labtop running (took battery out)

    @Savior @Partyshanked soo .. What should i do / can i do to boost these specs?
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    Legit can run only one
  17. i have the same problem
  18. buy a laptop with more than 2 cores and 4 gb's ram
  19. extend your ram to at least 8gb, and buy a new cpu which fits your current build, OR buy a new pc. you can get pretty good pcs for 400-500 bucks or even less.
  20. i have 16gb ram and i7

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