RS3 Anti-Dragon Fire Shield Grabber (Lumbridge Castle)

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  1. Hi, I am requesting a bot for Runescape 3. Its for Players who completed the Dragon Slayer Quest.
    You go to the Duke at the Lumbridge Castle, And ask for the anti dragon shield. They sell for 528 GP at the Grand Exchange. I was wondering and hoping if someone can create a bot. That will take the shields and bank them upstairs, You get 15K per inventory (28).... So if this catches someones eye and think its a good idea, Please Make this bot! Thanks :)!

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    *the door will close so the bot would need to open it n stuff, lol ;)
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  2. I support this, real good money making if ur broke or just want some fast gp :)
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  3. What's the gp/h??
  4. I'd guess and say around 200k/hr
  5. Today the shield's price is 562gp. Somebody know if we can sll it for 562 exactly?
  6. Probably around 500 :p its 14kgp inv

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