Anti Trade Limit methods?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    when i drop more than 25k can i pick them up with my other account when the "dropper" has a trade limit?
    Or are there any other methods to bypass the f2p trade limit? How do you trade the money from your bots to your main?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Buy membership :')
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  3. 7 quest points?
  4. I transfer my bot money to my main through the grand exchange. I buy all of a random, unused item (literally all of them up to a certain price, like 50k) with my main, then sell them for the price that I bought them for (like 50k). I then make my bots buy the extremely overpriced items through the grand exchange, which gives the money to the main since the main is the sole seller of this item. I then trade the item back from the bots to the main so that I can do this again.
  5. How did you find out about the item? I tried doing the same for a long time but never found any item like that.. Mind sharing how you found it/if there are other items like that which you don't use? Thanks :3
  6. @Aidden, when I have 7 quest points I don't have a f2p trading limit anymore?
  7. Will it work on RS3, too?
  8. Excuse me sir, you need to have Supporter status to post links to external sites.
  9. Aidden posted the link boi. Get him rekt :^)
  10. Doesn't work on RS3..

    €: Did it with the Falador Party Room now :)
    Thank you for your answers
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