any bans during double exp ?

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  1. anyone gotten banned during dxp ?
  2. nop and i botted 19 hours on 2 accs ea
  3. nope been botting nonstop since friday morning
  4. i went 75 to 99 herb and 98 to 99 mining all day no ban.
  5. Just keep in mind that bans are always delayed, so if they are watching out for bots this weekend, expect the bans to come on Monday.
  6. jeah thats what freaks me out i botted diviniation form 74 - 80 in like 2 days mostly babysitting but i know they keep a close eye during dxp
  7. If i get ban Ill be done with rs forever.
  8. bot hard or go home im botting rs3 with nearly maxed main and 2b cash no fucks given
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  9. yesh bans are normally delayed you will probably know if your banned by monday or tuesday :( unless you bot smart :)
  10. rs3 is for poons
  11. One of my accounts got ban when i woke up this morning. i had to update the client and when i tryed to logg in i was ban :(( any one else get this?
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    you think its still safe to bot after this update?
  12. should be fine im not banned yet
  13. Me neither lol
  14. botted during dxp still going strong towards 99

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  15. no bans got 3 accounts from 50-80 div and im still running them *WITH BREAKS*
  16. i went from 65-90 no breaks lol
  17. Ur dead kid

    OT: nope
  18. 60-92 divination, no bans. With breaks.

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