Any infections?

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  1. Hello,a few days ago i reinstalled RuneMate into my PC(deleted after recieving an error with updating it),when the client finished downloading i connected and logged in as usual,while i was waiting for the client to open up and load the OSRS client i went afk,when i came back to turn on a bot the RuneMate icon appeared in the tray(which is normal) but the odd thing is that the client didn't open up and after that the icon in the tray disappeared,a few seconds later i get this: which is quite odd as i never had anything linked to security block RuneMate.
    After a second try of opening the client everything opened up normally without any warnings.
    Is there any explanation to why this has happened?

    I might sound a bit dumb and ignorant but this has got me paranoid for a while considering that there was no announcement of the client being updated,if the thread is in the wrong section then please move it.
    Ty to anyone who bothered to read this.
  2. What is that garbage "anti-exploit" lul
  3. so nothing to worry about? :]
  4. Probably happened because the client updated. AFAIK, there are many unannounced updates. The client restarts itself after updating which probably caused that. You should be fine.
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  5. Alright thanks for the quick reply^^
  6. Sometimes computer security programs throw false positives, you're completely safe using Runemate. Unless you downloaded it from a different website, there shouldn't be any 'infection'.
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  7. This. Cloud doesn't always announce updates as sometimes he makes multiple minor updates a day so there's no point mentioning them all.
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  8. Have fun leeching.
  9. It's pretty good if your paranoid or running WinXP.
  10. Maybe there could be an update log :p but only to supporter+ :) for obvious reasons (FaGex)

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