RS3 Any tips on what to do?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by srpronto, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. I just redeemed a bond to get my 99 RC cape but now i have no ideias on what to do. Any tips? Its my first time membs and i wanted to make some money for smithing when i turn F2P again. I thought i could go for muds but i need like 30 farming and i don't know how to get it xD

    By the way my skills:
  2. Cut some magic logs? Get 99 fletching (makes you at least 10m)?
  3. You could do some of these quests for farming experience, while your farming stuff is growing. You could also buy Grand Tree pods, to quickly push your way to higher farming level, but they're kinda expensive. If you want to bot, you could try alching member items? There's a list here telling you how much profit, you could make. Fishing is an option too, or woodcutting.
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  4. I was going for 99 fletching but then i realize that i need 200k maple logs and to fletch that all it will take ages right? Never fletched before.
  5. make money with runecrafting and level a few buyables into the 70's
  6. You can do 1500 logs per hour or something like that so do the math :)
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