anyone can make a free logo?

Discussion in 'General Market' started by jake miler, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. was looking to see if anyone can make a logo for me?
  2. [​IMG]
    thats $5
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  3. lol nigga I give u 5 $ to write that on ur forehead
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  4. Whats the logo for?
  5. Might be good with some information about what logo you want?
  6. I do that now if you are not joking?
  7. its for a college project (business administration) we have to make our own company and research on the market
  8. What I was more looking for and maybe he was I'm not 100% sure though was maybe the name of the business that you were trying to make and what exactly the company does also it may help if you want it done in vector or just regular pixel
    Vector="Adobe Illustrator Also may be resized infinitely without quality loss"
    Pixel="Ermm many applications use pixel but Photoshop is the one that many people use it for cannot be resized infinitely or else you may lose quality"
  9. tbh i have no experience in these things hence i need someone to make me a sick cool logo its a Car Towing company named "VIP TOWING"
  10. :D looks nice @kristiaan ill use that for my sigi :p i needed a logo for "VIP TOWING"

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