Anyone else having problems with Div Bots?

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  1. Hey guys, I've come back to Runemate after half a year or so (and Runescape in general), and decided to do some Divination to make some gp. I'm doing divination on Incandescent wisps, and I've noticed that all of the bots on the store have the same problem where they become extremely inefficient after a couple inventories (to the point where it will generate 1000 energies after 8 hours or so; and yes that's when converting everything to energy only). Is this happening with anyone else? Just would like to know from you guys. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.
  2. While I cannot speak for incandescent wisps, brilliants and below are working just fine for me using QualityDiv. Here is a little progress report that is off a bot that is currently running.

    Using the normal experience mode:
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  3. Does this happen with any other bots? It sounds like this might be caused because your CPU is slowly overheating and then reducing its speed when it gets too hot. Does RuneScape continue to run smoothly after the bots "become extremely inefficient"?
  4. Performance is fine even when that happens. When I say they become inefficient, I mean that they idle for really long (even logging out because of time out), and when they log back in (by just clicking play now button), they still don't react until a while after.
  5. Most likely due to slow CPU speed at @SuperBotter suggested, i have a slower laptop and i used celestail div fine as i found it lower resource heavu, but trial a few on the store
  6. Intel Core i7 4770K 3.5GHz
    16GB 1333MHz RAM
    GTX 660Ti 2GB

    I highly doubt it's due to low CPU performance.
    Also, as I said, this is happening with all the bots on the bot store. Can someone who uses it for incandescents respond please?
  7. Im running fine on my div bot, i7 4790k, 16gb ram, Radeon r7 260x
  8. Using QualityDiviniation works fine
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  9. Guys...I realised something...when I have the Runemate interface open (as the first screen showing on top of everything else), then the bots work perfectly fine. When I minimise it, then I have a problem. Oh btw...running on OS X El Capitan.
  10. Your first problem is that you're using an apple product.
  11. Lol stfu man. Windows, Mac, who the fuck cares? Both are good. If you're not gonna help just don't post anything, okay?
  12. deport the mac prod, then build a wall.
  13. u r funny
  14. I have the same man. Running windows 7. When it's minimalized, when i write on slach the cursor goes away and i can't type, when they are not minimalized, and i use my browser etc, the client pops up on top of everything. But i've got that in all scripts bots i've been using.
  15. why dont you just pirate/upgrade =?
  16. Hackintosh tho :D
  17. cause i had win 10 and win 10 pro? And i like win 7 more
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  18. Hey guys...another issue I found...wondering if anyone else is experiencing this as well...sometimes the bot turns the camera, and the interface which says "inventory is full" ends up over the spot to convert memories. This results in the bot just doing nothing, instead of turning the camera or clicking the button to dismiss. This happens with QualityDivination, and Celestial Divination so far. Testing Sudo Divination now.
  19. Just unlock the interface and move on the chatbox or w/e
  20. i get the same problem as well
    you cant do anything about it tho it doesnt pop up in the chat box it pops up in the middle
    it does the same thing with
    qve divinator sudo div celestial div quality div
    the only one that fixes the issue is alpha div

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