APP for iphone?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by ichaseexp, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Whats everyones idea for a app for runemate for iphone users (i use iphone) & i guess andriods (google play)

    You bot makers/dev created this website how hard could a app be..

  2. What would this app do?
  3. Remote instances maybe? View current bot window or something maybe idk, just an idea
  4. I assume he wants to monitor live progress and start/stop scripts bots. -_-.
    @OP It won't happen.
  5. I just use Teamviewer - I have a Teamviewer account and save my PCs details to my phone. If I need to check in on the bots, I load it up on my phone and can start/stop bots as I need.
  6. +1, so easy to use and doesn't have the same limitations.

    @Arbiter what would be nice is a page on the bot store to allow us to remotely kill sessions. Used to use it frequently with Honorbuddy and WoW if I didn't have access to Chrome RD and didn't want to leave my bot running all day.
  7. Sometimes I get customers like this; I charge them double.
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  8. Remote control will be implemented eventually, but no native app, a web panel.
  9. Thats all extra... I truly meant just a app to support the forums. Everything else seems so extra.
  10. Tapatalk.
  11. Thats the app for these forums? Or is it like slack
  12. App for the forums :)
  13. Yeah for forums we have full integration with Tapatalk, the accepted standard for mobile forum browsing.

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