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  1. When i try to run it i get this error,
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  2. We only support Oracle JRE and not OpenJDK.
  3. Im on Oracle JDK and JRE, The crash happens once rs loads 100%, should have put that in the first post
  4. Apparently it has something to do with OGL, try spamming "S" while RS is loading, that way RS will load in Safe Mode which doesn't use OGL.
  5. Try using the unofficial Linux RS client to do the Auto-Setup. Then try RuneMate.
  6. How is this fixed?
    Did that and its still the same, i even deleted and reinstalled just to be sure

    EDIT: I spammed autosetup until ti worked, everything works other than the screen dims alot and the mouse trails stay
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  7. We are aware of the latter issue and will work on it.
  8. Error came back, Made the Unix client use the RM cache so i could set up the graphics from there. Still asks to use Auto Setup witch causes the crash.
  9. Are you also aware that if you move the client from one monitor to the other, the drawable canvas becomes resizable and the rest of the client becomes not?
  10. No we weren't. We were aware that Linux compatibility testing is the worst though. :p
  11. it is, i might just have to use my laptop to bot
  12. Just get ubuntu in a dual boot. It takes like 20 minutes to setup, and ubuntu supports just about everything that you should need to test it.

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