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  1. Hello, i've decided to restart this blog/log of my bots that I am running. Been awhile kinda stopped botting last month or so due to finals and such but I am back and with a new GOAL.

    Blog/log of all bots that I am running atm. Running all bots on a Private VPS ran by a Local Friend. Will try to update as much as I can, I will be adding more bots when the time is right and methods are tested. Will be using most of the money made to get Prayer/Herb up on main but also will be selling a little on side.

    I am not very knowledgeable about forums and such so suggestions/tips always welcome.


    (All accounts running atm are about 3-4 months old)
    1. [email protected] 400k/hr
    2. [email protected] 300k/hr
    3. [email protected] 550k/hr
    GOAL: Get 50m saved up on 2nd main account for future bonds and such. 40m/50m atm
    once I get 50m saved up I will work on selling gold on the side but like I said uptop i need to find buyers.
    Once buyers are found then next goal is to get $20-30 worth to sell every week, to save for phone/internet bill.

    Atm all bot methods are private also I usually only bot 3hrs each a day. (will be posting frequently on forum about progress and such.
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  2. This could be interesting.. Keep us updated!
  3. All 3 accounts banned. I believe do to the private method, and making all the account run 6+ hrs the first day of creation just eager to get past the 24hrs.
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  4. Tbh I personally believe it's due to the abnormal hours during the first month of creation.
  5. 3/16/15: Profit 1.2m osrs
    No bots banned

    3/17/15: Profit 900k osrs
    Turn bots off for the night, usually would have one running but decided not to. One account banned had short life. Going to be making more and more bots just to have as backup, and also I want to bot on them after a few day of being made, to see if that helps at all.
    Also made one bot member and should bring in more money.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
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  6. Do you use different IP's / Proxy's or not? You don't want a chainban :p
  7. Yes, I use a private VPN ran by local friend, when account or accounts get banned on a IP I change.
  8. Have you used my miner yet?
  9. Yes, i've used it some, but i've been working on combat/fishing. Also idky it isn't show in sig.
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    3/18/15: Profit 1.5m osrs
    No acccounts banned ran fishing accounts for 5hrs, ran new member acccount on private script bot for 3 hours for 650k.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
  10. Try this:


    Damn it, site caching... @Arbiter any thoughts?
  11. 3/19/15: Profit 600k
    Spent 400k on supplies and such, only botted the member bot .
    No accounts banned.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
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    3/20/15: Profit 2mil, from member bot mining/combat and 2 alts fishing lobbies for 6hrs.
    Spent 1.3m on more shit.
    No accounts banned.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
  12. looking good
  13. 3/21/15: Profit 3.5m
    Botted alot since i figured it was the weekend and thought that it would be more realistic to play more during those days. I did a mixture of fishing/mining with alittle combat, earned 1.5m and ran around 8hrs each, also had the alt mains running and earned 2m from combat,fishing,mining,private script bot,woodcutting, and i ran those for about 7hrs each.
    No bans, also thinkning of getting a few accounts running during the night as throw away gold farmer accounts.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
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    3/22/15: Profit 100k
    Profited little since i decieded it was time to make some more bots. Ran 2 new bots for about 6hrs each will add them to the list once i get past the 24hr trade.
    No bans.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
  14. You've been going strong, brother.
    Keep it up!
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  15. 3/23/15 : Profit 400k
    In process of getting 2 accounts pass the 24hr mark and been away from my computer most of the day so the bots the bring in profit only run around 3hrs a day right before I go to bed.
    No bans.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
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  16. Let's see if this works;


    There you go ^^
  17. Which link or whatever do I for that one.
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    3/24/15: Profit 200k
    Didn't have time to start bots today, 200k is from a late night/early morning flip at like 1am.
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    3/25/15: Profit: -2.9m
    Sorry for late post, 2 accounts banned cutting willows at rimmington different ips/time of day . Price of botting I guess, on side note my fishing bots/mining bots seem to be all good. Also one of the accounts banned is not listed uptop since it was just a test/24hr trade blocked, wanted to see if i could get away with just getting wc up nothing else.
    If you have suggestions/tips please tell.
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    5/23/2015: Finally got the farm running again, also edited and changed goal's and such. Sorry to thoughs who liked following what i was making and such was busy for about a month with finals and such.
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  18. nice to see you're back
  19. 5/24/2015: Profited 5m
    Babysat accounts during the botting since it was Sunday and I was on the computer anyway. Ended up responding quite abit so i'm guessing i avoided a few reports.
  20. 07 Only, I assume? :)

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