Ardougne Druids

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Would you become Supporter for this?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I am currently working on a Chaos Druid bot that kills them in the Dark tower.


    There are just a few minor things to fix like the pick-locking and walking but then it can be released.

    Would you become Supporter for this?
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  2. Would be usefull for my ironman, so yes.
  3. If you can make it very customable maybe yes. As of a basic killing/looting = no.

    You should leave options that it should only pickup selected herbs. Like I'd only pick up Kwuarm, Lanadyme, dwarf weed and torstol.
    Also make it loot Mithril bolts and wield them for extra money and inv space, also pickup coins ofc :)

    Maybe add options for runes aswell.
  4. So you'd like to see a GUI for which loot to take and an option to loot and wield mithril bolts?
  5. Something like that yes :)
    I'd not bother picking up the low herbs etc.
    And yes Mithril bolts is just more income + if it can wield them the user will save 1 inv spot :)

    Edit- Maybe add teleport tab support for faster banking, maybe an option for cleaning them aswell? For herb exp :)

    Also add summoning Macaw for increased herb drops :)

    The reason that I demand so much, is because of all the free quality bots, and this one is a supporter, then it should have some unique/non free features :)

    If all these features are in the bot, then yes I'd be a supporter to use this :)
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  6. For RS3/DS yes?
  7. Now I ain't saying you a gravedigger...
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