Question Are remote management servers allowed?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by DevTucker, May 28, 2016.

  1. I want to add remote management to my scripts bots so I can access them via mobile and stop them or change settings if I feel like it.

    I'm sure doing this on a private script bot is fine, but say I was going to release to the Bot store would this functionality be allowed?

    Would send all data through SWS (Websocket) to my host.

    Long Polling is also an option.
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  2. @Arbiter @SlashnHax

    I believe the stance on this is that we don't really allow access to external resources.
  3. I was allowed to do this before
  4. Not sure what SWS is, but if you use servers, php files to manipulate the script bot, you are perfectly fine.
  5. Fair enough, tagged them in anyway to confirm.
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  6. SWS is SecureWebsocket.

    PHP wouldn't work for sending requests to the script bot unless I implemented long polling.
  7. Arbiter told me to use long polling. SWS should be fine too.
  8. Ph
    Alright I'll await confirmation before putting it into my public script bot framework. Thanks.
  9. The communication will be evaluated upon pushing to queue for safety. The client-side response to server-side commands needs to be very clearly defined in the code and limited in scope to relatively simple things. Changing settings and stopping/pausing the bot seems fine to me.
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  10. Understood, I will make sure that the Client (Bot) clearly demonstrates the logic executed when I implement this into a public script bot, that way there will be no question of malicious intent.

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