Question Are Web paths really "resource intensive"?

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Web paths or force the user to start near the botting location

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  1. In Eagles13's API overview, he says:
    Is this true? I know that Bresenham paths are the only other alternative for long distance travel, but they ignore obstacles. Should I use "resource intensive" Web paths or should I force the user to start near the botting location (as I can't prepare the bot to make Bresenham paths from anywhere in the world without getting stuck)?
  2. "Technically". When you ask to generate a WebPath with the default web, you actually send a request to the RM server, which generates the path and sends it back.

    If end-users had to generate paths on their local machines using the default web, it would be incredibly performance costly (just ask Slash).

    Basically we're good guiz.
  3. Ehh, it depends. The default web does all of the pathbuilding on RuneMates servers, as it's so large that it used to use tonnes of resources when built on the users machine. Smaller custom webs aren't all that bad though.
  4. Basically, feel free to use WebPath but if the users too lazy to use their common sense and start it nearby, then they don't really deserve to be using the bot 8)
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  5. @Party @SlashnHax
    Thanks for your replies, they helped me a lot. Time to replace all of my Bresenham paths with Web paths :)
  6. Keep bresenham paths as fallbacks.
  7. Wouldn't it be possible for the Bresenham paths to get the player stuck? And how could a Web path need a fallback? It can go all over RuneScape while accounting for obstacles in the path to the destination.
  8. Sometimes you can't generate a path with the default web, so you need to revert to fallbacks.
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