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  1. Pass a Coordinate[] array to create an Area instance, something similar like Area.Polygonal but then including all the coordinates instead of the edges only(I need this for a dungeoneering script bot)
  2. Create your own Area class? :p
    iirc it's only like 2 or 3 abstract methods?
  3. Forgive me if this is bullshit but would your idea be something like this?

    Edit: Yeah I just realized I gave a method a wrong name, (southwestern should be southeastern) but I think it would still work
  4. You seem to understand what I mean, but what in this case: (red = coordinates that shouldn't be included in the area)
  5. There's an isolated green in there?

    Create your class, implement toRectangular by calculating the top right and bottom left coords on construction and creating a Rectangular constant?
    getCoordinates would be just returning the coordinates, which I assume is already a Collection or if not, put them into a collection upon construction
  6. I'll add this but I need help with the naming.
    Some current thoughts are...
    What do you guys think it should be called?
  7. Area.Hazard
    no I'd go for the predefined one
  8. Area.Fractional or Area.Absolute :p
  9. Area.Absolute seems reasonable, any other suggestions or feedback?

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