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    Artisan's Workshop - Smithing

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  2. Great to see you actually listening to the requests here. Awesome job!
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  3. Appreciate it, Geashaw!
  4. Will test on my account soon :) Just need to transfer GP from my main to the account and ill let u know!
  5. Grtz on release!
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  6. Next version will include a bunch of tweaks and adapting to current instruction, for 10% extra XP.

    I've already gotten a refilling cannon thanks to this bot. Hope to see other people achieve the same!
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  7. Doesn't seem to be making things that give 10% extra exp. Other than that seems fine. Lmk when it's done cuz I only gave 5m to my alt. When u got that pushed/fixed I'll give my alt more money :)
  8. That update hasn't been pushed yet.
  9. Ah, any eta?
  10. I got this auxi, the staff handle when bot pushes get passed. So you can just hope they will be quick as they are usually. But sometimes they take a day or two max.
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  11. Yes the bot will now follow the instructions for extra XP ;)

    Thanks @qverkk for the help <3
  12. Thanks man, will give 10m now to my bot acc :)
  13. hey mate.
    for me the bot does nothing.

    i managed that it finally click oin the anvil but the it fails to craft the sword.

    am i doing somethign wrong?
  14. Hmm weird. Does the log tell you anything?
  15. it does not show any information Gyazo - 269f94b7791352531b9af3758dec2b8e.png

    and now all it does is click the anvil and then idle. if i close the interface it will click on the anvil again
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    i am at the first time at this workshop.
    i got the iron ignites ( IV ) i am lvl 70 smithing and i got the plans for the sword. am i missing anything?
  16. Start the bot near the Burial armor anvil, not where you are currently standing. :p

    It's deeper into the workshop, near an NPC called Suak.
  17. oh man thanks hahaha..
    what do you suggest to make with lvl 70? what ignote ect.?
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  18. Not sure. I had a lot of money to waste so I smithed Addy ingot III for the fastest XP/respect. I guess do what your budget allows you to.

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