As soon as I log in using the client I am banned

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  1. So I decided to try out this client for the first time with a newly created character and as soon as I logged in I was logged out and when I try logging in it say's "banned for serious rule breaking".
  2. nice. perm or temp?
  3. Why are you so amazed this happened?
  4. Not only did you try botting right after a massive ban wave, you did it on a new character. Always make your character on official client, do a quest or 2, train a few levels and then start botting.
  5. The whole reason Jagex implemented trading limits (do QP'S/Become member to trade etc) was to catch people idiotic enough to do what you have done. They rely on common mistakes, reporters and the occasional clever bit of tech to catch us, don't aid them any further please. Good luck on the new accounts you will make.
  6. Same as OP.
  7. If you are seriously having this issue you need to go and read botting guides/tutorials.
  8. Started the account, opened in legit client and completed Cook's assistant. Opened Runemate, got kicked almost immediately from account and perma banned.

    Zero botting whatsoever.
  9. Wait for spectre. Some users seem to get insta-banned for whatever reason. That doesn't seem to be the case with spectre.
  10. Not too worried, will look forward to trying Spec.
  11. I tried botting with runemate and when I started a script bot I was instantly logged and all the valuables in my bank was cleaned out of my account. total bullshit don't bot with this bullshit.
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  12. I'm sorry but you're an idiot. RuneMate doesn't steal people stuff. The bots are all manually reviewed after each update by arbiter and cloud for malicious code. You've obviously been ratted.
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    And if you think arbiter and/or cloud would throw away their reputation for a few mill off a shitty account when they could have hacked much higher rollers you're even stupider than you look.
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  13. Not to mention, if you're already logged in and started the bot, you'd have to have watched it manually log you out.
    And the chances of someone writing that script bot, sneaking it past admins, and lying in wait knowing the exact moment you'd use that bot and be logged out..

    .. no one stole anything from you. Get a grip.
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