RS3 astral rune maker(Runecrafting)

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  1. I made astral runes myself back in the day they had the same price as nats(it also really good if you cant make double nats yet!)

    after you made the runes you can use a teleport the teleports you on island straight to the bank so the runs will be quite fast.

    With a high agility level the need of resting isnt even necessary.

    You can use summoning to store even more essence since you dont need a ghraak(obv).

    This script bot will be very efficient for the people who do not have 91 RC, since you make double astral on level 82 RC.

    If a scripter is interested in making the script bot but is in a need of an account, PM or mail me. I've a maxed account you can use to add the summoning monsters, all teleports, all pouches etc.

    I really hope some one is going to make this ^^.
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  2. alkimista was talking about this to me a while back. If no one else makes this before I do, I will probably make this near the beginning of March. Perfecting existing bots is a higher priority than writing new ones.
  3. cool, PM if you need the account.
  4. So what are your requirements for this script bot? i.e what familiar should it use? what teleport should it use?
  5. Moonclan teleport, abyssal familiars to increase essence capacity.
  6. i have one, not released though
  7. why not?
  8. If you don't release it, someone else will, eventually. You might as well release it and help the community out.
  9. I'm going to write an aio rc script bot for rs3 and os after in finished my current project. I don't have access to summoning familars however, if someone is able to let me get some IDs and stuff I need through teamviewer I'd be more then happy to include summoning and pouches
  10. As far as i'm aware you don't use ID's for runemate.
  11. I'm just more needing someone to test the scripts bots functions like summoning and pouches since I Dont have access to them.
  12. I have some data for the spirit graahk, but my account only has 70ish Summoning. So I could get data on the first two abyssal creatures, but not the last one. I have massive pouch data thanks to some very nice members and I can give advice on logic, but my account can't actually use the massive pouch. PM me if you need anything that I can offer.
  13. Fortunately I have access, Yes I'm willing to help out.
  14. you can lend my account we can use teamviewer or skype screen share, pm me when u need the acc
  15. I wont release it as its a private script bot, also the less people have access to a script bot the lower the banrate is.
    I wouldnt have a problem if anyone else would release one :)
  16. You could help the person trying to make one right
  17. Awesome. I'll hit ya's up in the next few days when not too busy
  18. There isnt really anything to help in making a runecrafter tbh

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