Resolved attacking players accidently by missclicks

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  1. It isnt really a bug, but even less a question. so thats why the "Bug" tag :p

    here and then i see the bots (on various gathering scripts bots like PI-chopper, maxi-miner, maxi-woodcutter, alpha scripts bots) missclicking.
    instead of clicking on a tree/stone/ressource, it aims accidently on a player and hits the attack player button.
    this results in the bot being skulled and will most likely get killed by guards or players and then lose the runehatched/pickaxe/whatever.

    i have the "interaction only via menu" option enabled, but thus it doesnt seem to help much.

    this is kinda gamebreaking, since unwatched botting most of the time results in being super inefficient, since the bot gathers with the basic bronze tools instead of high lvl equipment..

    any way to solve that? :/
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  2. I've noticed this with the miner aswell, don't have a fix for it though.
  3. It does same for me on my scripts bots, i think it's cause of the api, i might be wrong sorry.
  4. according to a script bot author from this forum it's caused by the antiban doing a "too good" job.
    can we have it do a less good job? :D

    or a last second checkup maybe? so the bot realizes that he has clicked on a player and cancels it
  5. Veto setClouse(0.0, 1.0);
  6. Bert what does that do?
  7. Nothing but I veto that it should be implemented to set a scale of how intensive Clouse is used. 0.0 is straight mousepaths, non-failing interactions, and 1.0 is default as we have it now (randomized mousepaths, failing interactions).
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  8. Ah k, that would be nice to see ;)

  9. hm well, i agree, it should be as random as possible.but imo it would need some last second query, to actually check if it hits a ressource or a player.
    dunno i think in total, its probably around 50% profit loss on high level tool usage methods. at least if you wanna bot halfway afk
  10. But this would negate the purposeful failing.
  11. well the missclicks also hit the trade or add friend button here and then. also go on stuff on the ground. we should just not accidently attack players. everything else is totally fine

    i mean thats also kinda realistic, isnt it? as a player, the most you wanna avoid is attacking some other, potentially stronger, player
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    any chance for an offical comment?
    losing roughly 1.5 rune hatches per 12h per day per bot.

    even if i see it in time and replace it (tho the axes cost a lot) i lose a lot of farm.
    unwatched botting (when i sleep?) is useless since the gain per hour is drasticly reduced to maybe 25% in total on all accs in average.

    this "feature" is gamebreaking and makes runemate useless for gathering at all.
    please think about possibles fixes and actually implement them.
  12. I mean antiban is a good idea.. but losing 70% of profit, and having to babysitt the bots because of it seems kinda dumb.. Also I dont think players attack other players by accident that often...
  13. I also have been stuck dropping because of mis-clicks.
  14. I have experienced similar problems where Clouse f*cks up and misclicks outta nowhere.
  15. Menu interaction errors are not related to Clouse whatsoever. I have added menu improvements to our TODO list, but it's an annoying task to figure out how Jagex is sorting those badboys.
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  16. Just sheathe your weapon

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  17. It used to right-click the bank. However, when the amount of people stacked up while right-clicking, it'd just go on a misclick deluxe.

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