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  1. The logins are working a solid 30% of the time. It just idles on homescreen until i click on "existing user". Also sometimes it spam click "New User" opening more tabs than i can count on google chrome. pretty sure this is client side. on osrs

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    Post #11 by Arbiter, May 17, 2016
  3. Same issue
  4. @Cloud

    Have noticed this issue myself - OSRS log-in is incredibly hit and miss. The handler for this screen is also very slow:

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  6. Oh damn hahahaha, RIP chrome.
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  7. Confirmed, this occurs when the window is resized beyond it's initial state.
  8. Didn't realize I was re sizing it. Explains a lot. Thank you.

    Edit: Just tried it without resizing. I left the client exactly how it was and had the same issue. Is this all client side or would it be linked at all the the bot im using?

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  9. Client side, and the client slightly adjusts it itself.
  10. Feel like it should be adjusted to work regardless of client re-sizing etc - the number of people who resize their client in OSRS is pretty large.
  11. It's on the table
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