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  1. Autoclicker which is client-based. For example, click on one spot and it will continually click there in various intervals (not really necessary though). Just a garyshood autoclicker which runs on runemate client.

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  2. Sounds cool and easy enough. :) El supporto, seƱor.
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  3. Yeah that would be awesome, sometimes needed for alching! :)
  4. Yeh would be nice and very basic :p
    maybe make a total auto clicker and typer in one :p
  5. Working on it right now. Should be done in a bit.

    Having a little bit of trouble with the API.
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    I finished this earlier today. Unfortunately, because of the inherent detectability of the script bot idea it won't be published in the botstore. If you have any specific use cases I would be more than happy to take a crack at those instead.

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