Autoclickers, what and why?

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  1. The last couple of weeks I tried using autoclickers for these reasons:
    • Some skills or activities don't need a complicated script bot to get the job done.
    • There's no RuneMate script bot available (yet) for the thing you want to do.
    Okay the reason why I started using autoclickers is the following: I was simply afraid of a client being detected.
    Now with RuneMate I'm not afraid anymore, however, there are still things that are not scripted yet.
    To conclude my post, I want to mention the things that I have found to be useful to do with an autoclicker and I want to ask you that you might know of any other things that can be done by this.
    1. Superheating at a bank (or basically anything involving bankstanding)
    2. Doing something in the citadel (mining, cooking)
    3. Playing the harps in Priffdinas
    4. Mining Seren stones in Priffdinas (did not test it, but it should work in theory)
    (Inb4 anyone asks that this is risky, I have spent countless hours autoclicking and my account is still standing)
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  2. I think that autoclickers can indeed get you very far - a lot further than you would expect. It's a great alternative when there is no scripts bots available, but a well coded bot will always outdo. For everyone who plans on using autoclickers: Record yourself doing that activity for a few hours, don't do two inventories or the pattern will be too obvious for long term botting.
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  3. you can cut ivy
  4. You can obviously do magic and such, but also try suggesting the bots you're looking for. You'd be surprised, a lot of authors are looking to undertake projects. Using a script bot would even further your chances of not getting banned. ;)
  5. Auto Clickers are completely pointless, they will get you banned in 15 minutes. No human clicks the same pixel at the same time interval for hours. At least with scripts bots you can randomize clicks per minute, click location and other factors but auto clickers are a no no.
  6. Auto clickers won't get you banned that fast lol.. I don't know where you found this information from but it's wrong.
  7. I've never been banned for using my AHK scripts bots, even when I auto-clicked alching for several hours straight. That was long ago enough that randoms were still around and I would manually do them, so that probably kept away the bans... Atm I'm using an AHK for herblore on OSRS though.
  8. The obvious, high alching, which everyone used to use autoclickers before good quality scripts bots for it came around. Even now people still use autoclickers to stay away from a client and for simplicity.

    Doing inventory work is possible with them too. Making arrows, headless arrows, etc. All of those are on timers and require nothing but the inventory. You could do stuff like making planks on a portable sawmill, but that might be difficult if the camera angle shifts whatsoever on accident, so not recommended.
  9. i agreed got 99 magic with it lol
  10. im on my 11th 99 using auto clickers/mouse recorder..... + extra xp in skills
  11. I have mine set the clicking to random intervals between .2000000-.4000000 ms
  12. This is the autoclicker I use... Will click at random intervals and will move the mouse to click within an area of the screen that u specify... Has awesome features... Been using for a while and don't see how it could be detected unless u mess something up...

    I also use AHK, but mostly just when I want to be able to hold a key (or mouse button) and have it act as though I'm pressing it repeatedly...

    I have used Mouse Recorder Pro in the past, but it doesn't support random intervals, so I wouldn't suggest it (but you can randomize the intervals by running a normal autoclicker along with it with different intervals set... The best for this would be: because it has the option to stop clicking while the mouse is moving)...
  13. Well, to be completely fair, I use to mine seren stone and put tape over my mouse's laser so I couldnt move the pointer. I would sit and watch TV and randomly click every 30-50 seconds for hours on end. I ended up writing a script bot with AHK that would click randomly between 20-70 seconds, ran it for at least 30 hours over the first week before I reached my goal, never got a ban. That was about 6 months ago.

    My point is, no one can say for certain that AHK will give you bans. Its all depending on YOUR play style and what exactly you plan on using AHK for. I personally wouldnt use it for anything that requires the mouse to move, as the program wasnt designed to be 'human', it was originally made to help with heavily repetitive tasks.
  14. You say "on accident" but I'm like 99% sure that the screen slowly rotates by itself. I'm tried using autoclickers for things like this and the mouse, despite always clicking on the exact coordinates that I'm specifying, get farther and farther off target over time.
  15. truth be told sometime(most the time) those pesky elven worker move under me to override mine seren stone to pickpocket traheran worker, is there a way to fix this?
  16. there is a certain spot on the stone you can click on the rock using a mouse recorder or mouse clicker
  17. Yeah the problem only occurs (or occured, maybe they updated it) when the worker was underneath you. So just make it click far enough away from your character :p

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