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Quick Cash from summoning?

  1. Yes, this would be really helpful

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  2. Yeah, this should be there for those low level summoners out there.

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  3. I dont really find this useful for money making.

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  4. This should not be made.

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  1. We should make a auto spirit cobra pouch in which the player clicks on the bind and use it on the eggs in the inventory, great money making method. Same as the fruit bat method. But with low requirments! Thank you scripters.
  2. I could add it to HaxSpawner if I find the time. I still have to fix fruit spawning on that though
  3. Dibs! Yes I called it. Now I can makes a script bot this weekend :)
  4. Haha man don't worry if someone else writes one before you. Write it anyway. Competition is good. And if you're doing it for learning it matters even less if there's already one written.
  5. Knew someone was going to point that out eventually. Will probably go for it indeed :)
  6. :) The more the merrier man. Good practice for you. Competition between scripts bots is good. And more scripts bots on the bot store looks better :) Plus if one breaks the other is there to fall back on :p
  7. That's rude.
  8. Oops sorry, my bad :(

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