Request Award Supporter to avid bot reviewers

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  1. The more reviews, the more accurate the average will be.
    Thus, we need to motivate users to review a bot.

    I am requesting avid reviewers to be awarded the supporter status after X valid reviews. A review is deemed valid when the user lists what they used the bot for and what they think are the bot's shortcomings or what should be improved.

    Bad review:
    5 stars - Awesome! Got 1-99 very quickly without ban!

    Good review:
    5 stars - Awesome! Got 1-99 by fletching unstrung bows. Would like to see automatic changing of logs when you hit a milestone, so that I do not have to restart the bot every time I can fletch something better.

    The supporter rank allows the user to have access to supporter bots, and thus they will have an incentive to review properly.
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  2. I like this. Will defiantly motivate individuals to review bots. Its very easy to use a bot and not report any problems or review how well the script bot was. Its easy to turn of the bot and start a different one so im all for this idea to motovate abd give people some sense of achievement
  3. General competitions with supporter as award is a nice idea. Giveaways, share 'n win, competition to bot x hours in x time, etc etc.
  4. Arbi and cloud won't get $$ doe
  5. They will, as more reviews means better bots and more motivated bot authors. Combine all of that and you will increase productivity from bot authors while increasing the reputation of runemate.
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  6. Bro, that's some next level thinking right 'ere.
  7. Requires the capital to survive the initial hit and the long drag back to break-even, something I'm not sure exists at present.

    Not saying I don't like the idea of adding incentives to review bots correctly, just saying that I feel like this idea is 'easier said than done', and not just from a financial perspective.
  8. You don't have to give away supporter at every x review, you can just select a few that stand out and reward them. See it as an event sort of thing maybe?
  9. Well it would have to be handed out manually. The decision then is whether that is done by Authors or by Staff/Execs. Bot Authors shouldn't have a say in whether or not a user has access to another Author's bots (which granting supporter would) nor should they be able to take directly from the pocket of the Execs by giving out Supporter to someone who would have otherwise purchased it. That and the rate at which people actually purchase supporter. At what point do you define how much a month's supporter is worth, when one person pays $1 and another pays $25?
  10. I think this will result in a review spam... Even if there are rules and guidelines for good and bad reviews.
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  11. Every month, a staff member (or a few) select a few people that stood out and award them one month of supporter each. Simple.

    Spam can be punished.
  12. As soon as we start seeing paid bots. You will start seeing decent reviews. People generally have lower expectations of free scripts bots (however some free bots on RM are absolutely commercial-grade). Because when people pay, they want what is offered by bot, thus more genuine and details reviews for scripts bots is given.
  13. Can only echo this.
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