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  1. i hate the background but i had no ideas for it, i was maybe think i could make it space related? im open to any ideas as i personally feel this isnt finish bc the background feels incomplete


    idk why the image isnt loading?

  2. [​IMG]

    Mirrored it for you. Hope you don't mind. Looks good. :)
  3. Not at all! Thank you as well. I usually use TinyPic because it doesn't reduce image quality unlike Imgur. I think I may have used a wrong link extension but oh well. :p
  4. Testing my signature here :p
  5. could turn that image into a sick ass signature TBH
  6. What imagefile do you render it? imgur never reduces my quality :p
  7. I believes it is a .jpg
  8. That's why, render it as a .png lul.
  9. imgur reduces my png ones as well.
  10. It shouldn't though, doesn't for me and everyone I know other than you
  11. i just use tinypic bc it doesnt reduce quality :p
  12. always render ast .png for web use :)
  13. Imgur reduce image quality? Lol what kind of viruses do you guys have.
  14. he was just rendering to the wrong file ^^^
  15. i know
    what lol, a image uploading site reducing quality = virus?
  16. Looks good. :)
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  17. Naw just the fact that it does reduce quality for a selected few (you and one more), it's something with your computers, not imgur.

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