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Discussion in 'General' started by Hax_, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. So I decided to try the bot and found my main was banned for botting even though I hadn't touched a bot since RuneDream or whatever. I decided to make a new account and bot woodcutting until it got banned. It took less than 24 hours. Jagex is really stepping their game up.

  2. What script bot did you use, Also when your ip has had an account banned on it before it increases ban possibility.
  3. Details? script bot, f2p/p2p, breaks or 24/7?
  4. I used MaxiWoodcutter f2p 24/7. I babysat the bot and upgraded my axes until Rune and set it to chop Oaks in Varrock.
  5. Did you manually upgrade axes? What was the maximum amount of time the script bot was running for?
  6. Not really a good idea, new accounts are monitored the harshest as well as F2P accounts. Your best bet next time is to buy a cheap account with min stats that was created a year+ ago and botting in mems and then the ban rate is nearly 0.
  7. Actually, everything is getting banned today
  8. What makes you say that?
  9. Forums from another bot. Literally 40+ posts there about mains getting banned.
  10. It is possible that it is the not client they used.
  11. What forum? I have my almost max cape main running atm lol.
  12. i have be botting 24/7 on 10accs f2p wc no ban.
  13. Yes I manually sold some of the logs I chopped and bought hatchet upgrades until Rune and then let the bot go to work overnight.
  14. Would you mind telling me the script bot that you are using wyd along with a screenshot of the bots?
  15. Probably lol
    Good luck. My old main got banned in february :(
  16. Sucks, mine got banned March 2013 and now already ±2450 total.

    What forum was flooded with ban reports? Kinda curious now.
  17. Mine had 2500+ total, only had divination left which got me banned.

  18. I could've known, powerbot is horrible.

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