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  1. Yo :D ,

    Back in the days i suicided an account with runemate @ rs3. got to like 18 99's (did 99 farming myself) and got banned because of being stupid.. i used a bot with too many flaws... so yea..

    Now i have learned from that experience and am back at it again, Suicide botting @ rs3.

    Currently im 1 week in, doing divination.

    Week 1:

    week 2:

    week 3:

    week 4:

    Week 5? ( Kappa ):

    Update 6:

    ill try to keep u guys posted every now and then, my goal is to post 1 time a week
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  2. Posting all of your stats like that is a for sure way to get flagged, imo. Considering not many accounts will look like that with all level 1s and 90 div.

    Anyway, gl
  3. CBA
  4. Good luck ma nga. Take it easy with FM;)
  5. xD thanks :D
    Farming going to be fun tho, looking forward to it!
  6. Firemaking is going to be fun... if u know what i mean:rolleyes:
  7. xD i bet there will be a better bot once im at the point of doing firemaking xD
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  8. How many hours day you botting for?
  9. 16-24h, taking breaks. depends if bot crashes or not
  10. the real mvp is Cloud/Arbiter for making spectre and Slash for his awesome divination bot ;)
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  11. Touche !Agreed, rm came a LONG way
  12. Update week 2.
    -99 div. Done :)

    Plans week 3 + 4:
    - 99 smithing (might've found a way to make 280m profit with smithing)
    - 99 fletch?

    Might start to do some farm runs these weeks.. trying to grow some balls, its a fun skill but tedious -.-
  13. Will hit 99 divination end this week as well :D. It's going to be my first 99 ever tbh. Any suggestions for the next skill?
  14. Mind sharing how much profit you made from 1-99 divination?
  15. idk, basically every skill is fine, if u trained div with experience instead of enhanced u have quite a decent bank to get some supplies for skills like smithing/fletching/cooking etc. just do some fast skills i guess. ATM there arent really a lot of bots for skills in RS3 unfortunately...
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    roughly about 100m? i bought 3 months member with summer deal from bonds ~50m, spend a bit of cash on energy to get to 95 faster.. and still have like 40-50m (on top of what i had) left. so i guess 100m ish :)
  16. Yeah bought 5 bonds for 60m and some random trash. Doing alot of enhanced now as I prefer the cape over 50m. I can make that back later in half the time or less using energy conversion lol.

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