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  1. So as i usually do i was taking a 36 hour break from botting, and was gonna go on and try my hand in hunter today. Upon logging in (via runemate) i was insta banned for 48 hours. Said for bot busting, and was labeled for todays date, now i don't care much for the game this is just something i do on my free time for "lulz" . But think i was banned cause i logged via runemate and not actually being caught in the act of botting. any thoughts?
  2. RuneMate is currently known for being unsafe for some people.
    Don't wanna sound rude, but there are so many threads already with roughly the same story as yours, and everytime you'll get the same answer.
    Best thing to do is waiting for Spectre!
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  3. Ah i see, wasn't aware, i don't visit the forums often enough. I was just curious, i probably won't bot on that account anymore. Had a good 2 months with no sign of being banned.
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  4. This was on RS3 right ?
  5. People need to realize that the actual ban always happens on login attempt. Sometimes you are able to login for a few seconds before finally getting kicked off and being disabled, and sometimes you will not be logged in.

    TLDR: Oftenly it only looks like you get insta banned because of the client.

    And there are a ton of other players botting with RuneMate just now, so it's highly unlikely for it to be detected.
  6. Checking the forum every now and then doesn't hurt anyone, and might update you about the status of the bot. However some people don't get banned at all suiciding and some people get perm banned with 2 botted hours a day. This has been the case even before runemate even existed and is something likely to never go away, jagex and their patterns..
  7. Change your IP, and get a hwid spoofer. That's what I had to do as I had 4 accounts all banned at the exact same time the other day :p
  8. Just made a new account new HWID and IP insta banned... its the client do not use
  9. Yea you say it's the client... Try and do that on ANY botting client and let me know what your results are. Check what was just said in the shout box.... Lol
  10. Let me guess... You made the account within the botting client.
  11. It does work on some botting clients. Just sayin'. Lol.
  12. I'm not sure why everyone is making a big deal out of this.
    It's not like creating the account in a botting client is any faster... just use the RS client ffs.
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  13. Was it in RS3? I've had pretty high ban rates in RS3, even on old 10 year accounts. I won't even bot on there anymore because I'm losing all my vet accounts so quickly. I haven't tried other clients yet.

    It sucks because I lost my account that had all the 2005 christmas scarfs, and Jester hats. :( GF 95 mining.

    On RS07, I've been able to bot to 60/60/60 on 3 accounts now, botting for about 8-9 hours a day in Stronghold of Security. No bans yet. Also have cowhide collectors using Tribot that run for about 6 hours per day, and no ban either even after a week. So my uneducated, and unsupported opinion is that RS3 has better bot detection systems.
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