Ban on Darkscape?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Sulle, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. As title implies, is there anyone who's been banned on Dankscape yet? Or perhaps Jagex aren't paying attention to the botting on DS quite yet?
  2. I've been botting for a bit and no ban yet! I think they're still optimizing the game, but who knows, maybe they're watching :eek:
  3. I've been botting it almost 24/7. As much as I possibly can. I'm 100% banking on the idea that they're not looking for bots just yet, and I plan on abusing that as hard as I can ;)

    So far, I'm at a 1K total level, level 77, and have everything done and ready to start Desert Treasure.
  4. what combar script bot do u use? cannot find one that works good atm. thankyou
  5. I've been botting fishing on my main recently, the bot has messed up multiple times and I've seen someone in my chat log say they've reported me three individual times. It's been a week since I started botting on that account and nothing yet.
  6. [​IMG]

    expect a massive ban wave on Darkscape.
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  7. Warning, be carefull. I had been boting recently and everything was fine until now. I left the bot leveling combat and another looting and I woke up with the surprise that both accounts were banned, adding a third account of my cousin who actually got banned, all at the same time as this message is written, so be careful, and, if I was you, I should stop botting. I had 3M in that account but that's the price for cheating.
  8. Bot hard or go home!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I lost both my flax bots just now, and judging by the amount of players(150 per world when there's normally 300+) The ban wave has hit.
  10. Bot smart, or be banned.
  11. Bot for fun or Bot for $$$$$$
  12. Rip 10m :( perma banned
  13. Gf bot farm, back to oldschool
  14. Just got banned.... omg.. my 13 million coins rip life rip 1 item-er.
  15. DS? :(
  16. RIP 98 divination. Kinda had it coming by getting rank 1 in a skill tho...
  17. I botted 3 days ago on two accounts, and traded lots between the two. No bans here. 10h/day, fishing, div, combat.
  18. My main got banned today, so it looks like they are taking action.
  19. What scripts bots were you using? How many hours / day?

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