Ban rates on this client

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by 4play, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. New here what are the ban rates like through this client?
  2. 0 as far as I know.
  3. Quite low, bans have occurred in the past but only on test accounts, I'm yet to hear of anyone getting his actual account banned.
  4. Brilliant i think ive found my new client:) OSBot and Powerbot arent the best they have been at the moment....
  5. Glad to hear that :) Please bot safely and with common sense!
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  6. Let me ask is this client injection or reflection?
  7. Reflection
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  8. Reflection iirc
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  9. 28% on rs3 and 46% on osrs. + 10% because of clouse
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  10. Depending on the scale of the script bot and the amount of people using it ban rates vary heavily but i have botted about 130 hours and havent been banned.
  11. I got banned using MaxiWoodcutter
    2hr off using and I was banned
  12. you're wcing what do u expect lol
  13. i used maxi wc for ivy for 4 days was just your account lol.
  14. I was also banned, and the only bots i used was MaxiWoodcutter and MassFighter
  15. Used Celestial Hunter and Celestial Divination for days on my near-maxed main. No ban yet
  16. Very hard to be banned if you follow general rules to botting.
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  17. Would you like to see my spreadsheet? It has about 12 hours total botted over the course of 2 days in 6 hour sessions, I followed general botting rules.

    Not saying its anyone's fault I don't even care that i was banned, I keep statistics on all my accounts to see how long they last and such and have done so since i started botting.

    Either way I love the bots and the community so I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon over being banned.

    But i am always welcome to more suggestions on not getting banned if you would like to pm me or something.
  18. Im botting 24/7 Everyday :) Works awesome, have botted 120 fletching in 2 months :)

    Note: Im botting at crowded places, such as world 2 banks where it's heavy crowded and active people :)
  19. This, you just become part of a crowd and no one will suspect you.
  20. MassFighter has some bugs in it atm imo, when i use it it always click the target you are attacking, after that it clicks the same poin on the ground always. Got my one account banned with it too. Now ive been using thunder and alpha. No bans :)

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