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  1. First of all,I'd like to introduce myself, I've been playing RS since 2007 and I've started botting around 2010 I had quit RS for good a while back but recently got back into it and I'm not about to pay for membership so I'm just gonna bot my way to a bond and after than I might as well keep botting.

    I've made 2 throw away account and I just wanna test out the water,I started both of these accounts yesterday and they both survived botting for about 9 hours straight,chopping oak trees at West Varrock.Today i'll switch to chopping Yews near the GE on one of accounts and keep chopping oak on the other one and I'll see how it goes.

    The plan is to basically post a daily progress update and record how long it takes for them to get banned.

    Here's an image of what the accounts look like so far after 9 hours of botting:

  2. Very interesting. Please do update us because I want to see the outcome.
  3. Following.
  4. Following this too, very intersting to see how this evolves, try other methodes that are less obvious too and get something out of it.
  5. *Update* I'm gonna switch the yew bot to oaks cause it's getting stuck and just stand there near the trees.
  6. Looking forward to updates on this, nice experiment to see.
  7. RuneMate is the mate for botting:)
  8. Do you have any goals?
    Are you only botting one skill at a time?
    If you are, are you botting it straight for 99?
  9. I was gonna bot Woodcutting till 99 on both and then I was gonna get membership on both accounts and just go for other skills.

    But anyway, I over slept and I left the bot running for 11 hours and surprisingly enough both were still running completely fine.

    Here are the results so far. Also I might not be able to run the bots for prolonged amounts of time anymore cause my parents are kinda getting mad at me xD. So no more then 5 hours next time.



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    I was thinking about getting membership on one of the account and just cut magic logs they seem like a hell of a profit.
    Let me know your opinions :p

    And here's the money I made so far in 2 days

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  10. Ok here's why i think you are going to get banned on all of them pretty soon.
    1. Your character - Seriously, nothing gives away a botter than that bald head, green pants, and brown shirt.
    2. Your skill training - A new RS player would never, EVER, continuously bot WC as is only level.
    3. Heavily bot-watched areas as well as Skill - Woodcutting bots are the first and foremost to get banned because they all bot in and around the same locations, moving to higher ones along the way.
    4. Not sure about this one, but are you running all of those on the same IP? If so, expect an IP ban coming soon.

    In that case, you can neither blame the client nor the bot itself. Gone are the days where Jagex didn't give a shit. They are literally sniffing bots out right now manually because botting software technology has been coming along nicely to avoid their detection features (except powerbot, that shit couldn't avoid a rock coming from a mile way let alone jagex). My suggestion? never bot the same skill for more than 2 hours at once.
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  11. Hmmm So I might as well go mining or fishing next :p Just to break it up.
  12. mining, fishing and woodcutting are the most watched skills.
  13. Literally the worst thing you can do on new accounts is train gathering skills. It's a death sentence.
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  14. hmmm I could just buy a bond and fletch all these logs then.
    Actually scratch that cause I gotta sell the logs to get the bond :/
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  15. train maybe magic or something? may some combat stats :eek:
  16. *Update* Both accounts are still going strong. I botted for about 15 hours on both but I switched to the BT woodcutter since I could select east varrock. Profit for days :D
  17. Sorry about that, it was written before osrs ge and therefore that setting wasn't intended for use with osrs. At some point i plan on fixing that though. Anyway, nice progress. Good luck :)
  18. Seems like you got something going here, be careful so that you dont end up getting hammered, I would suggest some combat and maybe a few quests
  19. following ^^
  20. Whelp and BT woodcutter got all my accounts banned. Fuck Jagex had like 30K logs on them but whatever I'll just make more accounts :p

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