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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Manager, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. Why? Scammed me +/- 15M RS3+ used my account he should be powerleveling to kill green dragons
    Requested order? I ordered 60-85 slayer from him
    Proof; Gyazo - 77494614a31d3a2c5abb81156dcdc5c4.png
    GE history: Gyazo - c78e2a061d78dfd30c1139d5b2de8d90.png
    Logged in and just saw my account standing at the green dragons, bank filled with 1500 lobsters, 20 amulet of glory's, and so on.
    The account had full subj, cash, sharks for slayer, all is gone
    Users profile: chodepower | Community | RuneMate

    Requested ban: Permantent ban/IP ban
    I didn't lose much, but still

    @Arbiter @EvilCabbage @Microsoft @Cloud @Aidden @Falix
  2. @chodepower Please reply to this thread within 48 hours.
    If not, you will be banned.
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  3. chode i would reply soon as in a ban meaning no more runemate for you even on a new rm account the ip/ rs name account ban here so... its a real punishment
  4. User was perm banned.
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