Suggestion Bank.withdrawPreset(int number)

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Aidden, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. RS3 has a bank feature where you can set an inventory and or equipment layout and then set it to a quick preset number. If for example i want to withdraw 500 nature runes, 9 iron ores, 18 coal and equip a fire staff i would get these things in my inventory and equip the stagg and then go to the preset menu. Here i choose to save the preset and set it to quick preset 1. Now when i open the bank, all i have to do is press '1' for it to setup my inventory and equipment instantly the way i want it even if i already had items in my inventory or was wearing equipment.

    I think support for using the quickpresets is a must and will make a lot of banking methods much faster.
    f2p get 2 quick presets, members 5 and i read that you can rent more if required.
    Support upto quick preset 5 would probably be more than enough

  2. Why not contribute the implementation to RuneMate? If you create a bot that demos the feature, Cloud can review it and add it to the core client API (giving you due credit of course).
  3. Will do. I did just mean support to press the shortcut for withdrawing the preset ('1', '2', etc.)

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