OSRS Bann ratio ( its been a while )

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by unexist, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. So i havent played runescape in a while and i got a account lvl 106.
    I would like to do some botting on it but idk how the state of botting is atm.
    Im no retard botting 24 7 and on fucked up bot spots
    So how is it atm ?
  2. Osrs is a pain, rs3 is like bot heaven atm
  3. i dont wanna risk rs3 since i got almost maxed on there :p
  4. I'm botting on a 2550 level account on RS3 every day with no fear ;) I just bot "smart" and play legit as well.
  5. rs3 looks good except divination... osrs is the usual, high ban rate.
  6. aight thanks man i lay low for botting then :)
  7. we always tell ppl to dont bot on what they cant miss.
  8. jeah im not gonna bot on rs3 main and maybe neither on 07 might start new pure or something since i recovered a 05 ish account today :)
  9. In case you didn't know, bans from one game carry to the other. So if you get banned on one game, that account can't be used on the other game either.
  10. Yeah bro with you just getting your main back from 05, I suggest making a new character and like botting him up to keep him safe. But honestly if you bot smart like 3 to 5 hours a day you should be fine on Oldschool anyway... I don't mess with rs3. BTW RSclassic is open to all members so join the original scape also if ya wanna till the end of the year.
  11. jeah man i know i botted lvl 106 with 2 99's using runemate last year but i havent realy played / botted 07 i just wanted to know how much jagex stepped up there game :D

    botting a new pure on 07 now got a old username account so ill see how far i get
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    fuck it om risking it
  12. ive botted osrs good few levels i just bot smart 2-5 hrs a day every 2/3rd day and on mostly alot of movment bots e.g fighter script bot agility ect not a wc/miner ect as i feel they make you easy target i also bot past 6/7pm uk time as there wont be much if any jmods on. only really the bot catching thing theyve got that could get you :)
  13. I botted quite a bit on Rs3, up to 8 hrs a day for several weeks. Botted 4 hrs of combat per day for 3 days, then 2 hrs a day spinning flax for a lil extra cash. Did this in between questing, and training legit, and was banned within two weeks of osrs. I would not bot more than an hr at a time babysitting on osrs to be safe. Bots all need massive reworking before they'll be able to handle osrs
  14. idk man runemate only got me banned due to my own retarded faults im doing f2p pure now as we speak already got 50 str in 3 days no problem on new account

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