OSRS banned and need to know some stuff about why

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  1. ok i made 2 accounts

    pure and woodcutter was not carefull with spots but every 30mins or so i will stop the bot walk around and type in chat trying to talk.max bot about 8 hrs

    pure ended with 35 range
    woodcutter ended with 55

    both accounts got banned on the 2nd day

    made 2 more accounts

    pure and woodcutter this time went to all the non common spots and stop every 30mins or so walk around and chat. max bot about 6hrs too

    pure ended with 29 range
    woodcutter ended with 52

    decied to make one more account and bot for a short short while maybe 1-2hours incase those 2 gets banned i can see if this one does.

    all 3 accounts got banned -.-

    issit because its a new account and they are tracking these closer?

    no idea why i am getting banned for any advice?

    oh yea and i bot on my main too while those other 2 are botting and my main is not banned
  2. Combination of:

    - New accounts
    - Bottling the gathering skills
    - Some IPflag possibly
  3. so what should i do now to not get banned?
  4. Play legit for some time, do some quests etc. Do not bot skills such as woodcutting, mining or fishing within the first month of account creation and don't bot on a lot of accounts at the same time.
  5. so basically theres no bots/scripts bots i can use on new accounts to buy " legit time "

    because the main issue here is i dont wana be manually doing anything with these new accounts..
    if possible that is..
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    also could it be ip address too? as i dont use any proxy on runemate and how do i proxy?
  6. Problem is, if you run on Proxies you might get banned even quicker, because of flagged IP's on proxys and VPNs. If you run on 1 static IP with multiple accounts you're also being suspicious because no human being can manage more than 2 accounts actively at one time.
  7. hmm so do u have any suggestions?
  8. Bot on 1 account at a time. Also stay away from gather skill botting for some time. That's all I can recommend. It's also a bit of luck. :p
  9. Yes i agree with bertrand! I only bot on one account and quest awhile because bots dont really quest and you gotta baby sit your account.
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  10. well yea i would love to quest but the quest system in this game.... considering that im new and have no idea where the npcs are..
  11. This could help you out Jeremy http://www.runehq.com/quest
  12. alright thanks guys :)
  13. You could ask yourself; what would a new legit player do on a new account?
  14. What would they do lol? i don't think there's like an exact science to it
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  15. forsberg would not agree
  16. Not train wcing to 55 without any distraction.
  17. Do a quest, then go bot.
  18. But when i made my first account in 2004 i trained my woodcutting to 60+ with no other stats simply because it was one of the first things i did and kept doing it...
  19. But you guaranteed didn't have the same mouse movement, interaction delay and camera movement frequency all the time.
  20. Unfortunatley not as i fell victim to a free membership scam lmao.
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