Banned for login into rs07 with runemate

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by bakame, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. i have been running a hunter bot for about a month now.
    and all of a sudden the bot stopped working tried a few other bots but nothing worked (2days ago)
    tried it again just now and got banned instantly when i logged in with runemate banned for 2 days
    perm ban if i commit same offence again

    this should be checked hope u can find out what caused this problem
  2. This is Very very common happens to me all the time. They detect you botting then im guessing if they place your ban while you are logged out they wait for you to log in then few seconds later, disconnect then banned. and this only happens to me with bot busting bans also like your stated ban, runemate is not detected
  3. I got banned the second i logged in with runemate i did not start or used any scripts bots at that time i logged in 1 sec later banned..
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    hmm weird it took them so long i reached almost 50m hunter xp xD
  4. delayed ban
  5. You have botted in the past though i am sure, that is what i am saying
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    Did you reach 50m hunter xp on oldschool or rs3?
  6. They don't detect you they assume. You said you did hunter for a whole month. Change skills every 5-8 hours. Looks legitish.
  7. 100% sure that it's a delayed ban, because you did bot on the account. You could have blamed RuneMate if you got banned for just using the client without any bots at all. But that's not the case here.
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  8. This is correct. Bans often don't get applied until you try to login so sometimes you'll login and all of a sudden you'll get logged out and banned, other times it won't let you log in and you're already banned. It's nothing to be worried about, the client isn't detected. If it was you'd see hundreds of threads popping up all at once just like this one.
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    And this. The only reason you should assume the client is detected is if you've never botted and you get banned just for logging in to the client.
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  9. 2 day bans are only the result of client bans. If banned for botting it's a perm ban. So saying it was a delayed banned or it wasn't the client is false. Just because you don't get banned on RS3 using it doesn't mean you won't get banned on OSRS when using the client. They crack down harder on OSRS then RS3.
  10. Sorry, but that's just not true. The time period of the ban has nothing to do with the detection type. It's likely an algorithm that takes in multiple weighted factors such as the severity of the offenses and your lifetime value to the company.
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  11. There's not really a 100% solid method to know why you got banned.
    There are however tons of theories, and the most likely ones are these:
    1. You said the bot's don't work, which might have caused strange behavior on the account.
    2. If RuneMate was detectable I'm sure tons of people experienced similar bans that you've experienced.
    3. Perhaps you did not follow the guidelines ?
  12. For both RS3 and OSRS bans it's so that whatever they count as a 'smaller offense' gets a temporary ban instead of a permanent. In OSRS, if Mod Weath (their bot-buster) catches you, you get a temporary ban for the sole reason that a human caught you and therefore it could be a human error. This is why it is 100% advised to stay away from botting hotspots because Mod Weath will catch you. Find out their office hours and don't bot during them if you're scared of the Weath.
    This part is very possibly true. A sponsor on powerbot whose name I forgot has a RuneScape account which has plus minus 30 temporary bans for macroing. He also stated that he's bought spins and Solomon's store outfits for a total of over $2000,-

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