Banned instantly.

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by lMasonl, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Every time i log into an account on the hack client despite how old/new it is, i get perm banned. It all started when my first account got banned, so naturally i made a new one and logged into it through the client, banned within seconds. Then i made a new one legit on runescape did the tutorial and some other stuff, then tried to log in through the client and, whaddya know, banned within a few seconds.

    Unrelated note: I had an account i botted on a while ago that got banned permanently, and i logged on the website and it said i had no bans. This was a couple months back mind you.
  2. Probably flagged IP. Otherwise, 600+ clients wouldn't be up and running...
  3. I'm pretty sure both the client and ip flag. I botted an account a ton before client was detected, was banned. And after a while, all accounts were getting banned. But I started using a proxy, and then they would take 1 week+ to get banned. But still; banned. I just started using only my couple simba scripts bots and my proxy, and its been 2-3 weeks since a ban, still going hard.
  4. How do i set up a proxy?
  5. I can only assume it's the IP. I've had no issues like this, and I've had multiple bans on my IP. *knocks on wood*

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